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Colin Samurai, the man child alluded to in all religious texts worth reading (you have to know where to look), arrived in Seven Sisters, North London, in 2012 with a simple mission. That mission was not, in fact, to gather together some of the capital’s finest players and start a Carnival Jazz band, but he saw it as an essential part of the process.

And so in squats and rehearsal studios the players came, and the players played. With diverse backgrounds in Jazz, Soul, Math-Rock, House, North Devon, Ska and European Trad, the music was extrapolated, distilled, re-worked, disguarded, unguarded, misplaced, and finally recorded. Headline shows at most of London’s party venues ensued – Passing Clouds, Hootenannys, Empowering Church, Brixton Jamm – and Colin was happy, and the dancers were sweaty, and there was giving and taking of love and energy.

2015 sees the much anticipated release of Colin’s debut EP, Seven Sisters, and tours of Italy & Poland in Summer/Autumn. See you then…

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